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If you can provide us with a design print file, we can help you grow your business. 

Sharp digitals is a trade print network that empowers the intermediaries of the print industry. By providing them with the infrastructure tools to deliver the best quality to their clients. 

That includes being able to give them accurate costing and timelines at the right time. As a trade network, we reveal our prices only to our subscribers and not to everyone on the internet. This is to ensure the seriousness of the prospects while maintaining confidentiality for your business. 

Our system can be beneficial to printers, designers, agencies, graphic designers, or anyone who can provide a print file. Of course, we will be there to ensure that your print file has the final touches like correct bleed, trim, format, etc. For that there would be templates available for subscribers to download and use while making these print files. 

If you or your client keep needing prints but you do not have access to the best print infrastructure, then this solution is the perfect fit for you. 

Concentrate on your core activity while getting the best quality prints at your convenience. 

How to join

  1. Become a member, Create your login
  2. Choose from the hundreds of products available on SharpDigitals
  3. Get an Instant Quote
  4. Upload the design file or create using the template
  5. Do a final check
  6. Make payment and enter delivery details
  7. Get the best quality prints at your doorstep

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