Multi Color Sunpack

Multicolour Sunpack Sheets are the most attractive and cost-effective means to promote a company, a brand, or a product. These sun pack sheets are available in various attractive brilliant colours which are visible from a distance, even in insufficient light.

The variety of colours in sunpack sheets allow the printing to be done in matching colours, to make the presentation even more attractive and visible. These multicolour sunpack sheets not only make the most beautiful way of display for the brand or the product, but it also enhances the brand value of the product, by making the consumers immediately attracted towards the product.

Multicolour sunpack sheets can be used as Poll Kiosk, No Parking Boards, Cut-outs, Wall Mount Danglars, Box, Dummy Product, Product Display Stands etc.

These multicolour sunpack sheets are weather and water resistant and have long life even in the outdoor displays. They are bright displays that is made brighter with the usual top-quality multicolour printing on these sheets. These sheets can also be customized and die cut, as per the requirement of the company.

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