3 Color Sunpack

These Sunpack sheets display three colors in a single sheet. These sheets are very useful in brand promotion because of its very attractive display capacity. Three Color printing on these in sheets makes these more attractive and prominently visible from a distance.

Three colored sunpack sheets are one step ahead of two colored sunpack sheets. Here the sunpack sheets are of three colors instead of two. These colors again can be homogenous or contrast in characters. But being sunpack sheets having three colors, the color combination often remains heterogeneous instead of being in contrast. This makes the color adjustments of the sunpack sheets more suitable for advertising and marketing displays.

Three color sunpack sheets are more glamorous in appearance and are ideal for advertising and marketing for premium group of companies, brands, products or services. The color displays are ideal for highlighting the products being advertised with their unique selling points. The three color sunpack sheets are capable to make the public stop and read what is displayed on the sunpack sheets.

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